Llyboc: Is the lion roaring or seemingly Slack-Soaring?

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It is important to have prior knowledge of Llyboc’s  Prior To Lift Off for you to follow this argument closely and this essay isn’t to dishearten but rather show appreciation of PTLO and what it had promised – an eloquent rapper! The argument is centered on all lyrics that are from PTLO or got associated with PTLO and pro PTLO. Llyboc roared well on PTO  and this article stands to prove that!

“Never saw a future in my recording/ Now you backstage legs unfolding/”

Who is Llyboc hanging with lately? Who is by him when he gets musical? Is Llyboc fixated? This MTN Backwards would make you want to probe. Honestly what happened to Martha had a dream, Tucker Had a dream and Llyboc still dreaming”? Or “chasing fat money the size of Nazizi’s” And if am thinking deep; We too five sick and some rewind your head  sh*t you did spit like (TD13) “you can never count your blessings with your eyes closed”.  It didn’t take few seconds for some people to consider you corny it took days and months.

“You n*ggas look forward but my view is aerial” -( Llyboc , Too Five Sick)

When Double L could, “make you dance with one try” and you was nice with it!” And we realized people of earth had received a psychotic rapper who was hooding enough scratch that:good enough! Some started thinking he was acting like a girl. Guess he was broken! But who broke him? Or he broke away from the Car used to go to the airport. And before it was “aino body fresher than my clique” [click] and the wings were lucrative and you need (ed) more to ride with The taxi.  “And men how do I start explaining this…” there was bloodlines as promised and not in plain sight;  making of a ‘flow not so retarded only return to report what was never reported kind of flow and rapper’  happened.

I could swear I saw  I saw Naboozi kiss  Byg Kahuna/ But don’t make it the truth n*gga/ Fantasies of the booth n*gga – (Llyboc – Kontrolverse)

(LL , Kontrolverse)“These rappers… claim(ed) to own property...” and yours was Victoria but then who is stuck in euphoria my mind might ask?  So observatory that we realized we couldn’t spell Dustville without a Double L – preferably LL. And man you didn’t look like Nav the n*gga looked like thee. It was inspiring to know that a person knows who they are because, “the only difference he is rich and you….” Something wasn’t said there. And it’s true they say you live once and I swear you leave once and you forget something. Martha squealing’and you forget your sorrows”. No beef no hate nation but surprising morals “he lacks” the people then conclude. Like a god who isn’t godly I suppose.  How could he be Karl Drago when Kalisia don’t understand him?

Time is money and you spend yours with…” Her and the more your brand sells the more she sticks around more. But now Vroom might not be calling anymore and it is solitude. If I could it was your brand that …we was lost in. But there is room for make-up; your brand is what we are getting lost with lately, whether it fades in our minds or we don’t get it. (Tucker, Call Me / if I could) “Broken hearted but never broke still” and still we thought! and yet mood swings keep rising and falling. One can wonder if it is still pretending. And you said it, (Call Me / If I Could) “you the reason why am [your] still trying to accomplish this!”Can the fans take that position?  The love now is bound to break the way it’s bending.

Knowing that without a doubt/ I could lose you faster than I could lose my dream – If I Could

Every purpose has a center and we appreciated: for KLA it is Ntinda . We came to know thanks to you! Convinced that “aino hood better than … Ntinda, Ntinda Ntinda…” (Llyboc, Ntinda) And that was big like some guys testicles. That Ali Alibi happened to be an early Bye Bye [alley bye bye] and hearts broke and it was a big deal. We knew you hadn’t begun, “you was still touring” and it is sounding like that all the way up!  Can I rewind you on that 256! And we acknowledged the fact that you started as a fetus. Chiki chi [cheeki cheek] Ntinda! I mean I can’t take that from you and the lion roar and those rappers were a true bore and you had us going. There has never been calm after what was to be a storm – you know that Controlverse (y). It seems like a mixtape with a hundred disses would emerge since it wasn’t “about punchlines but bloodlines.”  We didn’t think many had made it because they were sleeping on your skill.

They say you never know what you have till its gone – (Love Hip Hop)

You can smell a fake n*gga from a mile away”(LL, Bloodlines) now it feels like you can hear a vague reaction rather than listen to a love song off your delivery without a slight delay. Not to mistake your “mistakes for your intentions” some issues seem unresolved. When you are in the mood you, “loosing connection and is it the price of music that it seems you abuse it. But of course on PTLO track 3 suggests you will never fall. But psychoanalyzing you many miss the point, you over stand! Then you need(ed) no girl now you do, because the one you were dedicated too had you express yourself about that girl who turned materialisticit is evident that is a good girl gone bad. No one seems to be in love with hip hop like you do! Maybe this one won’t replace your girl but might give you some balance and by the way we could all wish Shuga was dedicated to you. Manthe spit game is still sick like sinuses” and some would rather hear you express new, less monotonous ideas.

So much thinking goes on and trust and we respect that! I bet, it is Samurea, You and I,who  known exactly what that T13D stands for. And it would be a shame for me to misuse my privilege. But you once told us, “am highly regarded and less appreciated” (Like a Girl / People of Earth) and the question would be why? And boss there is the ka phrase you put out, … if you were ever a slave to emotion you will highly regret it. (Like A Girl) And I would write an Open letter but we all know the pun there and by the way MTN (spell it Backwards) should have had you on that cypher ‘cause the Definition is/was responsible for the other one that you shunned.

Are you here as a solution or part of the problem – LL, TD13

“Put salt to the injury” and you “ending up as the worst outcome” for many not even Tucker would mean it (Tucker, Hot 100 part 2) “Karma got you on my gun”. But to wrap up people should appreciate no one else is the king of Brokenness; the damage is done because the milk already dripping.(Hot 100 This is not a diss) You …highly appreciated and was so underrated like a line on Taz – she never got the line let me get it for her, “Taz, if you were a car you would be a Mercedes!(Hot 100 – This is Not a Diss) August 2 2015 would have been an extreme make over that promising nobility, but (Llyboc, King of Brokenness) “this is for the n*ggas who never thought about it …. That never thought about it…” And if you think about it, “now days the punchlines seem to sleep in the gym” (King Of Brokenness) exercising wrongly or for the people who seem to be in veins of each of their fans; it would be in vain to get that attention.

“That’s ma Ego sizing up like Katumwa” – Llyboc on Open Letter


Still drunk driving? When you gets the flow this time don’t lose 200 more fans to gain 40 pessimists to support you there you will be slack-soaring. And McKenzie is in his pure liberty he is never back to his puberty but, I understand no one is coming after thee “because the flows are racist” (Llyboc, Open Letter)you would think “we are back in the British colony!” -any way and man you are still a Kahuna. Surprise (Llyboc, Open Letter), “Severe’s ear”; because, it’s you seemingly expressing like you queer. We love to thank you for raising a number of issues that we seem to forget but, nothing was more honest(besides King of Brokenness, Open Letter ) than  Prior to Lift Off.  Let the Lion Roar! “You are a guardian of your own thoughts …You…don’t have to topple the charts (your) soul is still significant as you say it, “Music the best weaponry device” (Llyboc, TD13) don’t abuse it fight the demons and be the disciple you told WE!  

I mean(K O B) “what don’t kill you, can only make you stronger” …it’s an offer water process…”

The Views expressed hereof the Author.

Lyrics references are made to the following:

Llyboc, to most  tracks on  Prior to Lift Off 

Llyboc, Open Letter

Llyboc, King of Brokenness (2015)

Llyboc, MTN Backwards (2016)

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