Mulekwa spits being Swag jacked by St Nelly Sade on ‘Abaana Bano’

Abaana Bano
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Beef is available now. Ready to be devoured… pss! It was marinating or is going to marinate?

Mulekwa for a very long time has referenced the lines on his new Abaana Bano at different platforms to a unknown person referred to as “messe “(rat). By the time we were putting this together: Twitter and Facebook had decoded the lyrics. The person is “St Nelly Sade” being accused of swag jacking Mulekwa  up to the unexpected signature mulondo. 

Abaana Bano is a diss track whose lyrics have been performed by Mulekwa over and over.  We finally have the audio out. He opens up the track with dissing rappers who rap in English and channels all his unkind ethos venom to the intended target.

Amidst speculation; the description of the character matched St Nelly Sade’s various  demeanor switches.

Above St Nelly Sade,      Image credit:

Hip Hop Beefs always have a story that some times surprises  this will   surprise many who have little knowledge of the two rappers.

Besides who would have thought?  Mulekwa claims that his style (in all 360 degrees) from rapping, fashion and some other undertone elements where all picked from him by St Nelly Sade. That we leave to you to figure out and fit in the blanks.

On the other hand; Mulekwa offers some seeming interesting hip hop history that one would love to acknowledge.  Most of our UG Hip Hop history larks in these narratives.

The overall view of Abaana Bano (which loosely translates to “these children”) is an out cry for those who have been long enough in the game to be shown the due respect. If we set the shots at St Nelly aside.  Mulekwa argues learning from the great like as he did from Kwesto, Ibra unlike the artists who copy and don’t respect.

Back to the matter… this beef thing, we shall stay eyes open for a twist of the story! Not condoning division only holding down for lyrical expression than a brawl with fists!


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