Navio has released “Mad” video off his Vibes Out The East album

Navio has released “Mad” video off his Vibes Out The East album

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Navio continues to further the Vibes Out The East conversation. He has released his second video this year for “Mad” a love song in praise of a beautiful woman.

The video was shot by Sasha Vybz in Soul Shine, Bali an Indonesian island.

The song is a result of four creatives being in the space almost at the same time.

Navio revealed via his YouTube that:

As Mio played through some chords in the studio after recording their monster Hip Hop song “Gang”, the humming of a Navio standing nearby soon developed into words. When Flex D’Paper walked in, the format for “Mad” the anthem was born.
Only one element was missing from the smooth tune that would ground the song and give it gravitas. In walks one of Uganda’s greatest writers Yese Oman Rafiki to close out some Luganda bars before Navio came back in to seal the tune with a
signature freestyle verse.

The love song is one of the few on the album that take a wide palette of sounds from rap, dance hall and afro leaning RnB as Navio explores his singing voice.

Flex D’Paper has been part of Navio’s recent hits from “Bangi” and “Abaana Beeka” as a writer or contributor especially conceptually.

This style of crafting as he continued is just like how African Hustler Music was made because none of the artists actually wrote. This helped to give the song a natural free owing vibe that has been synonymous with the “Vibes Out TheEast” Album.

“Mad” visually takes us to Indonesia through Sahsa Vybz’s lense.

Watch full here:

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