What You did not know about Cover art & should Consider NOW!

What  You did not know  about Cover art & should Consider NOW!

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If you are reading this then you hope to become a better artist who does things differently. You want and hope to acquire skills and knowledge and trust – your welcome! 

A basic definition of Cover art … is either an artwork as illustration or photograph on the outside of a published product such as a book (often on a dust jacket), magazine, comic book, video game (box art), DVD, CD, videotape, or music album (album art).

Cover art – Wikipedia

That  said, have a look at Sliq Teq’s cover art for Hair Down – don’t you think its provocative?
Hair Down Cover Sliq Teq ft Felippe
Their are many easy to use tools for a novice in the business of making hip hop, poetry and other genre based Cover Art but we wont go into that.  Below are some of the views we thought you could put in mind about the impact of cover art:
Bust A Shot
Bust A Shot cover art
Wocha Artwork
Wocha Cover art
  • It is your first shot at Promotion of your song, album or brand.


  • There is more potential in displaying it on social media, CD casings,  and other materials. Artwork attracts a potential fan and the fan already is enticed into prioritizing your content.


  • When a blog site / website  has never heard from you and you have minimal or not  at all visual online this is used to promote your work. Your song is hot (insert any emoji with flames) but there is only cover art of the song online – it is what is attached to a story as part of extending you brand awareness. If you have quality images online of you – its even easier to link or use them. (Trust few sites will spend time trying to come up with cover art for you!)
Ki Ekigenda Mumaso Cover art
  • The cover art communicates partially and offers a glimpse into your work and gives it a more impact strike.


  • Even good pictures of you may serve in the place of cover arts. Its all about building brand. Make them available on you social media.


  • Don’t let people fool you. Some bloggers request cover arts simply since  its a norm or what they know but subconsciously they are promoting your work (which is a good thing!). Hoping to have it make an impact?Think about all artist that have had striking cover illustrations or associating a certain photo to a song as part of their campaign – do you get the picture?


  • The illustration sets your work aside even on streaming services. Your artwork says a lot about the song, it attracts play for a stranger be it on Souncloud, Audiomack and Reverbnation.
Abantu Beira
Wake’s Abantu Beira Cover art
Queen Of Katwe Cover art

Step out of your zone, Underground or mainstream focus; your music needs to move and be listened too. If your reading this then know that having graphic work about you and your products (EP, song etc) is actually a whole branding process.

Good luck considering having cover art.

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