You need to submit to these 3 Hip Hop Websites

You need to submit to these 3 Hip Hop Websites

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The question why music isn’t featured here and there?  Soon will be a non answerable or for lack a better word rhetoric. It is simple actually – Many budding hip hop artists seem not to have embraced music submission but rather operate around self publication such as Soundclound-ing or Audiomack-ing to mention but a few. Self publication is as simple as going to a music hosting site and posting your song there. Some times the story seems to end there.

For an unknown artist or one seeking a fan base or listener-ship, I will say this BOLDLY you need to submit these websites:

The Tribe Ug – which is a website focused on Hip Hop and urban culture with reputable relevance.

UrbanHype – which isn’t entirely a Hip Hop website but features hip hop content beautifully with somewhat fair objectivity.

Well the other website is NuveyLive (if you are reading this article, you have read a description) – but to utilize our digital ink, is a hip hop, poetry and spoken word  website, blog and online radio(read More)

NOW if you submit to these sites, that maintain hip hop and related conversation going you are a step closer to achieving a listener ship. First, you are exposed to various fans from each of these platforms.

Sometimes young artists will claim to send music to these blogs and they don’t ever see it reviewed or a download link provided – yes it is true it happens. Their could be various reasons but a million though! Each platform has its regulatory system. Some claims however are just a fallacy but well these could be a reason you may not see your music featured. (Am I forgetting the intentions of this post? – NO!)

  • badly written emails (no one clicks what you are saying)
  • No cover arts, poor quality sound
  • you didn’t submit and well you don’t have the buzz up so …

Now back to the matter, it is important to start with the platforms that cater for your niche and then go ahead to submit or the general sites (which you know have  divided audiences). All the mentioned sites are hungry FOR GOOD MUSIC REMEMBER.



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