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Spit’ Dope lines…
Soon as you play the song you will be introduced to that line in a male voice more of a sample. You will know what time it is ‘The Sphynx Time’ and as she says your ‘welcome to the mind of The Sphynx.

No its not Jinja… Jealousy is the source of denial [De nile]/
Well am such an Enigma/
Call me mummifier[Mami fire]
,Coz i (w)rap with Charisma/…

Enygma is referenced to in that name drop, Ninja C &Ginsu too in the other quote below in this post and not to forget her favorite and influence Lupe Fiasco (American Rapper)

Audio produced by Stone Town from House Ov stone [House of Stone],  The Sphynx seeks to prove her lyrical prowess as she is ”breaking all these records” In the time scale of 2:28 she delivers what she is about, with a few name droppings which are intelligent  to clarify how her fire is different.

I came with a Ginsu like a Ninja See (Ninja C )


There is a transition in her flow, as she starts with her usual punch in the face lines to some sloppy and yet intended slackening to come back with that Blessed cypher verse-energy

Rating  4.5/5

Spittin dope lines! That is what you should expect.

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