We now can Award our own with Maiden UG Hip Hop Awards ’16

We now can Award our own with Maiden UG Hip Hop Awards ’16

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We live in the time where perceptions are built implicitly to us for as long as we don’t see the things our brains have to see. Misconception, Hip Hop is dead!, Rappers are dead, Dead rappers, UG Hip Hop is stuck. All these twisted and not proven notions that are actually in theory pervade many Ugandans. That said we once wrote reasons why you may think UG hip Hop is dead and another reason we are glad to add to that is  UG HIP HOP AWARDS! 

We are now going to be able to award our own with the maiden UG Hip Hop Awards 2016. Think about these awards to us mean just another way to inform us of what we might not know and letting us get aware of. You who don’t frequent the circles you will get to know artists you didn’t with 22 Categories YO! you know it is ideal!

The submission period will take just about a month as announced on 15  August, 2016 and will be closed on 15th September 2016. To enter or submit your form they have made an online provision for you to so at your own convenience in any category except the special categories like Hustler of the year and Lifetime Achiever. There is a Guide line that is completely comprehensive to guide participants on how to submit and what is available for you.  You can use the button UG-HIP-HOP-AWARDS_ENTRY_RULES_AND_REGULATIONS_2 Guide Line  to get the Rules and Regulations.

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Interestingly the category Sweet 16 and Rap Fusion are among the exciting categories according to us and we believe they might be among the most competitive just like other slots. I mean awarding a verse and also looking at collaborations! Its great! The Top 5 nominees per category will be announced on the 1st October 2016 via The Tribe UG website. The one category that we think might be misinterpreted is  The Inspirational song of the year –This category is for entry by artists who release a song that promotes positivity, social consciousness or spirituality. The Gospel artists by default aspire to this since the Gospel category seems to be catered for here.  All Artists provided they are Ugandans are Legible to submit basing on the Regulations provided.

The main event will then happen on 2nd December 2016. A Huge SIGH we can now recognize our own!

UG Hip Hop Awards Guide ’16:

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  1. Thanks to the whole team in all capaity, for the work done to improve and promote Ugañdan hiphop, music and talent.

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