“Ontwala Speed”, “Bintwala” – Mun G is low key owning 2020 slang for hits

“Ontwala Speed”, “Bintwala” –  Mun G is low key owning  2020 slang for hits

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Checking through YouTube for some new music locally and around the world. Earlier on today, I stumbled on yet another new music video from Mun G released not so many days ago – I paused and watched. While watching I remembered he had dropped “Bintwala” which was on heavy rotation on TV and radio. Most people call Mun G a god of hit songs – check his catalogue.

I noticed a pattern of owning popular slang and turning it into a song. When we were locked down initially, “Bintwala” was a song for us all to go through this COVID19 situation. It’s one we enjoyed even though each one of us had their own sort of ‘struggle’. Corona really pinched of us in one way or another and as in universal consciousness, “Bintwala” did the trick. We enjoyed it together and broke the stress away.

Three months later and ain’t no stopping Mun G! He has a new song themed slightly like the previous release based on a phrase that we all know has been popularised by the Pandemic and its effect. A phrase used to say ” you are moving too fast or being so quick” – more like one is leaving others behind. In away Mun G has left so many artists behind and yet still maintains his cool but focused on creative executions.

He might be studying the environment for now for the new “biluma abayaye” trend. It’s safe to say he has mastered entertaining us with the limited but accurate means. Owned the Pandemic slang and owned 2020.

What do you think?

Watch “Ontwala Ku Speed”:

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