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Payne Keelah; some will call underdog, funny, straight with the bars type of rapper and  we can add  knowledge kicker! He on 17 April shared on his Facebook Page a quick economics lesson. He writes:

[aesop_quote type=”block” background=”#ffffff” text=”#32102d” align=”center” size=”2″ quote=”"When you tell me to invest in myself it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I charge you a reasonable fee to listen to my music or attend my shows unless you don’t understand economics."” parallax=”off” direction=”left” revealfx=”off”]

Ideally he has a point. Often fans may say artists are not working hard  or aren’t creating means of revenue. Heads tend to turn when a fee is placed on a show, a CD or even T shirt. What we deduce from this is; support, support and more support artists.  There has to be a return of investment! If we will develop we need to support our own – if the product is good why not embrace it?

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