POEM: ‘YES You Do’ – Lyn Mugisha

POEM: ‘YES You Do’ – Lyn Mugisha

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Are you going through a rough time, are you frustrated, here is a little inspiration from the poet:  Lyn Mugisha Enjoy it.

You think you don’t know
I bet you do
You doubt yourself
Thats normal
You think you know nothing
I know you do
Yes you do

I know you do
You know much more than.you even think
A little help is all you need
Be honest to yourself
Know what you want
You only need someone to shelter you
Ofcourse you do
Yes you do

To push you further
Better you, mold you
Be focused , know what you want
Know yourself
Have a vision, mission
A goal
Its just worth it
I know you have one
Yes you do.

Lyn Mugisha

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