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  • Poem: 3:15 a.m. – Devis The Poet

    Poem: 3:15 a.m. – Devis The Poet

    Here is a poem from Devis The Poet about this one  cold night. Devis is a budding poet who has graced a number of poetry nights in Kampala and our inaugural TPPM event that resumes next year 1st April, 2018. Here is 3:15 a.m. a read for you below:   3:15 a.m. Cold night, make loneliness…

  • POEM: What is poetry? | #TPPMSeries

    POEM: What is poetry? | #TPPMSeries

    What is poetry? Poetry is asking a Painter what colour is rectangle and what shape is Purple. Poetry is making RED listen to BLUES and allow PINK to VIOLET YELLOW, Poetry is asking Answers and questioning questions, Poetry is starving hunger and make gluttony swallow pride, … Poetry is being a sapiosexual and you don’t…

  • POEM: ‘YES You Do’ – Lyn Mugisha

    POEM: ‘YES You Do’ – Lyn Mugisha

    Are you going through a rough time, are you frustrated, here is a little inspiration from the poet:  Lyn Mugisha Enjoy it. YES YOU DO. You think you don’t know I bet you do You doubt yourself Thats normal You think you know nothing I know you do Yes you do I know you do You know…

  • Behold Peter Kagayi to debut in Sooo Many Stories’s First Title [it is a new publishing House]

    If you are a lover of poetry this should make you have a large smile as much as you can! Peter who is a well known poet and a active performer will debut his first poetry collection under new publishing house Sooo Many Stories founded by Nyana Kakoma (formerly a journalist who dropped her job to…

  • Who Can I Trust? (Poem)

    Who Can I Trust? (Poem)

    Have you been in a position that you don’t know who to trust because every one ‘just switched up’ on You? Well Lyn Mugisha has this piece for you, enjoy this.