POEM: What is poetry? | #TPPMSeries

POEM: What is poetry? | #TPPMSeries

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What is poetry?
Poetry is asking a Painter what colour is rectangle and what shape is Purple.
Poetry is making RED listen to BLUES and allow PINK to VIOLET YELLOW,
Poetry is asking Answers and questioning questions,
Poetry is starving hunger and make gluttony swallow pride,
Poetry is being a sapiosexual and you don’t tell anyone about the books you read
cause  you don’t take selfies with books.

Poetry is going home for lunch knowing you’ll be served food for thought cause  you didn’t finish reading your readers digest,
Poetry is Going to war, with doves and white flags,
Poetry is pulling a KANYE and make beggars look stylish and expensive for wearing rags,
Poetry crying sweat and bleeding tears,
Poetry is bending courage from fears,
Poetry is why we are here
Poetry is why we adhere

What is poetry to you?
poetry is the medicine to the brain
in happiness and sorrow….
Photo credit: Advocate of Words
Come through on 1st April, at Makerere Art Gallery he is likely going to perform this piece. 

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