WTF is Byg Ben Sukuya

WTF is Byg Ben Sukuya

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Rapper Byg Ben Sukuya’s talent knows no bounds. He has established himself in the industry as a rapper that makes music in his native “Lumasaba” language with sprinkles of English, and this has played a big role in setting him apart and making him unique in the industry.

He is the vocal beast from the East.

Every year for three years now, Byg Ben releases an episode called “WTF is Byg Ben.” These singles over the past three years are generally a series of freestyles where Byg Ben talks about himself and what life is like for him in the music industry and also what makes him Byg Ben Sukuya. WTF is Byg Ben stands for ” Who The Fuck is Byg Ben”.

WTF is Byg Ben 1” was released 3 years ago. The track was produced by Babana Basha and directed by Davus Visuals who did a great job with the visuals of the song. The song generally introduces us to Byg Ben, who he is and where he is from.

The second song in this series, “WTF is Byg Ben 2” was released 2 years ago. It was directed by Recognize Latif and as ever, in all Byg Ben’s songs, the visuals are superb. On this track, Byg Ben mainly talks about his belief in the dream to be successful and absolutely nothing can stand in his way to achieving this dream. He also pays tribute to the fallen soldiers in the industry.

A year ago, Byg Ben released “WTF is Byg Ben 3“, mere months before the release of his second Studio Album “Yvette” which is a dedication to the memory of his younger sister. He talks about the struggles and hardships in the industry and how much hard work he has had to put in to get to where he is. He has had to fight his fears and live and work authentically.

The fourth song in the series comes days after he was under fire for his comments about Luganda and Baganda artists, “WTF is Byg Ben” is yet to drop.

Byg Ben released a studio session on his YouTube channel that shows him busy engrossed in the making of the fourth track in the series. In his own words, ” he is in the lab cooking WTF is Byg Ben 4,” and he has finally delivered it.

On part 4 he calls out rappers. He is in such a competitive space and says no one is bigger than Byg Ben from Navio, Ruyonga, The Mith, Tucker, GNL, and says Fik Fameica and Fefe Busi are lost. Ben feels like there’s no competition for him now, he has the fame and wants that money now.

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