Pryce Teeba does it again |Stream the 2015 ‘Wrap Up’

Pryce Teeba does it again |Stream the 2015 ‘Wrap Up’

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The opening line for this wrap up  does the magic and thus sets you into the sh-reel Pryce presents to you. Pryce Teeba released his first Wrap Up in 2015, which had him wrapping on the  Hot n*gga beat originally done by American rapper-Bobby Shurmada. It was quiete impressive and so this year he released the Wrap up for 2015.

“Kato omutogole ya tongola/ Mwana muwala ata ne’tuka”

Many sad stories ran last year including the loss of his “best friend” as he says it on the song-Lumix. The beat selection this time had him choose a very laid back sound which allows him to recollect all his memories in the past year that include: his Ug Cypher 2 verse being dropped, NTM Cypher, Rap Battle Camps that emerged, Lumix’s demise, Llyboc’s open letter and not to forget his single Side Ze’no being an eye opener to some rappers. Other events that are non hip hop related also are well recounted and vividly laid.

it is a must listen, that proves he is getting better each year as a rapper and a wrapper.

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2 thoughts on “Pryce Teeba does it again |Stream the 2015 ‘Wrap Up’

  1. […] Pryce Teeba clearly put it on his 2015 wrap up that “open Letter ya double L te’banjiwa matu” which loosely translates to: LLYBOC’s Open Letter was not listened to or attention to it was nonexistent as per Teeba’s view. To jump on the same view, yes it wasn’t listened to due to a number of projects that were highly anticipated including the UG Cypher 2 that LLYBOC had summarized in a mathematical equation upon its release. Another of projects overshadowed it especially the projects from Ntinda rappers. […]

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