At this point in time Ugandan hiphop music had rounds of events happening like hiphop beefs, and other related activities. Balance of Power was released in 2011 as it served as a counter reaction to the alleged death of competition at a time when many emcees had so much going on. Competition is Dead that features various artists had rotation for a while untill the releaseof this Urban Aksent Music project that featured Krack Bone, Rugged ,Sulfuric, NI, Atlas, Lethal and Bema.


It was a well delivered song as regards content and the video actually got a nomination at the first Club Music Video awards in 2011. The project really played a significant role at the time it was released. Some how the balance of power in the hiphop community was realised and a sense of healthy competition was eventuallg bred among most rap camps.

B O P  by Urban Arksent Music :

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