Rey Macc’s Feedback 2 (Just A Facade) is a story of a Broken Man Rising

Rey Macc’s Feedback 2 (Just A Facade) is a story of  a Broken Man Rising

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On the core Feedback 2 is an RnB centered album, a follow up of 2018’s Feedback. On this second act he carries the weight of falling in love, toxic relationships, betrayal, bad decisions and coincidentally he has almost no features – the interludes and adlibs are the closest.

Talking to him about months ago on The NuveyLive Podcast he admits Feedback 1 (which featured J-Watts, Isiah Misanvu and A1 Fresh) didn’t come out well neither did it receive the right reception because of Mowzey Radio’s passing – a musician he looked up to. He lost the energy to push it.

Fast forward, Feedback 2 was released on 27th January 2023. The project starts smoothly with love and other emotions. It progresses with some turmoil in between to Rey Macc letting us know he shot his old self and a brand new person is on the way now. Like a phoenix he is rising, it’s a makeover in his world.

He gets feedback from his actions and those of the people around him and like the alternative title of the album sometimes we may be living a lie when everything is a Just A Façade. Towards the end we realize the album is beyond just his love relationships, he also tackles the drama in the music industry and spirituality.

Feedback 2 is a 9 tracks project (plus interlude) with “Clapped”, “Fuck Your Friend” and “Pheonix Rising” being the closest to rap. Rey Macc with this project revives or offers a new look to 2000 RnB as he marries it with his rap and pop influences.

As a producer, he crafted the album skillfully from the beats, songwriting and production at large.

It is a decent well sequenced album and progressive one man show worth the spin.

Listen below:

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