Review:Fasie’s new song ‘Shuga’ is a Sweet Musical Statement

Review:Fasie’s new song ‘Shuga’ is a Sweet Musical Statement

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Shuga is a statement, a manifesto of Fasie’s musical outspokenness this year and always (for at least as it seems). And again shout out Baru the future is still bright and yes he is contributing to that. On first listen the production speaks so much volume – Hey Baru WELL DONE! As Fasie said last year Olugendo lu wanvu (the journey is long) but we keep moving. For a Femcee of her caliber this is more than appropriate it’s a statement of sequencing a career there is a series of events that contribute to the sound she is hoping to define.

Shuga loosely translated in luganda as Sukari to mean Sugar. And besides who she is referring to as her sweet one, “My Sugar”, this track is sugar-ish as regards the feelings it evokes. It is nice to listen to stories of femcees talk about love with adulation rather than resentment.  Baru appropriated this song with instruments that  are urban enough to pull off an RnB influenced hip hop sound. Fasie is very vocal on all her verses and her voice is far from the AFHHC verse or the recent Choices, this is distinct.

Gwe Kasukari Kange.

Nka kuyite my Sugar!

Definitely this is a story of how she meets the one that left her heart unsettled and brought joy to her and her soul. The one she always asked to love her as she is. I feel like this is a great move to make sounds like this to reinstall the value of love in society as hip hop holds it firmly. It is not enough to say it is a feel good enough song because it doubles as a soul soother thanks to the hook. Regardless if one clicks the Luganda or not the chorus helps to echo the meaning of the whole song.

Baru is from the generation of 808’s or one that embraces it so much and yet does not allow the stereotypes surrounding that fundamental sound trap him. He laces the drum machine plug-in so well with other sounds creating melodies with probably the cow bell and other  samples all together. In the times where many people try to define the sound of Ugandan Music, our music is influenced by other sounds and definitely Shuga is the sound of Urban Uganda. You know well that, that is part of Baru’s resume!

On first listen I was trapped to think this is the best hip hop love song so far, and I woke up to ask a few people they gave me the impression – Definitely. Cleo’s Omukwano was a beautiful one as she gave what she requires in a relationship and Fasie, adds up to that with the refrain “Njagala ngabwendi” to mean love me the way I am. It will be right to accept the representation of Females this way from femcees. A pitfall would be if one literally doesn’t know the Luganda but none the less it is the lingua franca of Ugandan music together with English. Clear message and perfect execution 8/9 for this tune.

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