Six With Luganda XLz – talk on Battling,His Weekly and More

Six With Luganda XLz – talk on Battling,His Weekly and More

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Luganda XLZ is a hot budding rapper with his eloquent and unique rhyming and delivery. This week we have him to answer six questions that we think most of you would love to ask him. (For any other questions you can leave them in the comment section). This episode of Six With  details who Luganda XLz is , battle background and more  read on below.

Welcome to Six With. How is the music going? And your weekly bars.

The music is really going on, everything here is lessons and blessings… the Weeklies are so far so good I like the reception from the people’s, am motivated overnight.

Tell us about how you started associating to rap, your journey?

I have always been listening to music and fascinated by good sounds am specifically more intrigued by rap music. I started writing music in 2009 I first recorded in 2010 went on and participated in the Nokia Don’t Break the Beat Rap Battles East African Edition where I represented Uganda alongside Nemesis facing off Kenyan and Tanzanian rappers; I then after stopped battling and majored into being a recording artist…started recording with Infinit3 Records in 2013 and on and on that’s how i started out.

Luganda xlz
Luganda XLZ – photo by Red Dott

Now you have maintained your week of Excellentz, how did it all start. 

There was a point in time where I just felt my like my studio work wasn’t getting me enough exposure, my creativity  was a bit limited and unknown…I was looking for something that would easily circulate through the masses more frequently so i came up with the concept of the Weeklies, I later on collaborated with Port Bell Drive and Red. Dott Photography and Films the rest is history now.

Have you reaped from it as regards the intended objectives or on th way you changed its perspective? 

Of course i definitely have, from a constantly growing fan base, rapidly rising viewer-ship to having Weekly airtime on radio for these series, at this moment this is a medium between me and my supporters i mean ideally this  i guess it’s safe to say am reaping

You have worked closely with Nemesis than any artist, do you have a project together? Or let me say are you working on an album?
Definitely, see me and Nemesis go way back we’ve been dedicated, and I think we’ve got synonymous frequencies when it gets with music…we’re currently under the same management and music group called A.One.Music (A.1.M) and no lie we’re about to work more collaboratively so keep your eyes peeled.

As a way of concluding, what do you think  of Ugandan Hip Hop now? Is it what you always thought ?

Not at all, from a personal perspective I’ve got to realise you can’t see the stage till you’re standing in the crowd and vice versa…it gets a little smaller when you’re involved.
And as far as evolution is concerned  everybody is pretty much making their mark ; I mean take an example of the up coming Hip hop awards alongside many other events, the blogosphere and much more…I think if we keep stepping with direction we’ve got this!

Remember Six With is a series we are running which involves fans together with NuveyLive which intends to ask Persons involved in Hip Hop, Spoken Word and poetry Six important questions .  Have any questions please  leave them in the comment section below.

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