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The new A Few Good Friends single, “Nkowola” urges us to Never Give Up

The collective A Few Good Friends has dropped another single of the forthcoming album of the same name. “Nkowola” is the latest featuring Spyda MC, AJ Stylz and Luganda XLZ. The single came out with a video as well. Nase Avataŕ of Port Bell Drive was behind the audio production and mastered by Dawoo of Audio Central.

“Nkowola” is laid back, mellow and more friendly track as compared to the other earlier release that was fiery talking about the the end of “nonsense” especially on the radio and TV. On this new single Spyda MC lays a hook that AJ Stylz and Luganda XLZ take to their advantage delivering bars of hope within their stories.

In the visual, an attempt is made to tell a story to reinforce the impact.

Watch below:

Luganda xlz

You can Now rap and sing along to ‘Mama Let’s Talk’-Luganda Xlz Ft Nemesis (Lyrics + Audio)

The single is off Telling My Story an album from Port Bell drive which has so far had contributions from rappers like The Sphynx, Mickey Solow and Mc Wang Jok. On this one he features Nemesis who does a good execution for the track with his hook. Its a dedication probably to his mother if we are not mistaken it is Ms. Nanteza Yudaya. Enjoy the song!
HIP HOP NuveyLive Presents Podcast

NuveyLive Presents Episode 1 -What do You think of Ugandan Hip Hop?

Well on this Episode, I featured Voice notes from Ajo a (Ugandan Rapper), Raz Annonymous(rapper), Josephine(hip-hop enthusiast) and went a head to discuss Ugandan Hip Hop’s position. Its 2015 and we now Have Navio, GNL, Abramz, Lyrical GmC as one Faction on one Side and there is on the other Faction: TuckerHd, TimothyCode, Jayarc, Patrobas, BlizLog, Ajo. Not …