Premiere: ‘Bamutumawa’ – Luganda (Luganda XLZ & Muchwezi)

Premiere: ‘Bamutumawa’ – Luganda (Luganda XLZ & Muchwezi)

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Amidst heated arguments on various media of Luganda XLZ vs Pryce Teeba so much shock came with it. The laid back Luganda XLZ has made a wrong move some would argue.

Bamutumawa is a new project from him with his   two  actual cousins the Muchwezi brothers (Reagan Muchwezi and Raymond Muchwezi). It is the perfect move to bury the hatchet (which we didn’t want) now.

He has long teased the track through various hashtags referring to the track’s title. This is firm shift from the usual Luganda XLZ sentiment. He offers melody and bars of praise for his loved one. The other two artist give the track a diverse feel of Afro beat/rnb and dance-hall vibes.

In the order of performance is XLZ on the first verse followed by Reagan Muchwezi and Raymond Muchwezi on the hook.

Bamutumawa, comes from  Luganda as a rhetoric for ‘where was she sent?’ In other words the  track is about a pursuit of a loved one who goes missing, no communication and more. The idea of wondering where she went and never returned. Ideally, this track has a place on a playlist for good music.

Nase Avatar of PortBell Drive did the production and it is utterly sonic-gasm.

Ps: Muchwezi together with Luganda XLZ form up the collective Luganda. Together they have appeared   previously featured on Week 51 of the Excellents.


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