Rugged teams with: The Sphynx, So Severe, Omulenzi Caution, ALE & Phero for ‘Element Remix’

Rugged teams with: The Sphynx, So Severe, Omulenzi Caution, ALE & Phero for ‘Element Remix’

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Elements Remix is the fifth Single so far released off a Rugged Made and Stone Town collaborative album: Rugged Stone Age.   The Syphynx  gives the perfect summary for Element Remix with an expected line and so do the rest,  giving lyrical rewindable verses. 

Nze Semakokiro,  I’m who is coming,  am  who is  next!

Luganda XLZ raps

We will have to first revisit the definition of Element: one can refer to it as each of more than one hundred substances that cannot be chemically inter converted or broken down into simpler substances and are primary.

Also as …constituents of matter.a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic.  pronounced as el·e·ment  ˈeləmənt/ ELEMENT

This this track is about justifying  effort, sacrifice and indisputable status (gods on the microphone or rather the craving for it)

According to Rugged Made    Elements Remix  [was intended to show off]  lyricism and wordplay.  The track is centered around exhibiting the element in it self: rap – the process it took for each of them to perfect the craft as Luganda XLZ puts it : from elementary. This track is also a reflection of self and other and yet individuating again as rappers.

I am who I am, but  who am I and Who are you?

So Severe raps

[…]I am the one I am the Element[…]

As a  continued collaboration  Papa Stoney produced Elements remix  which was  recorded at PortBell Drive Music Studio. In order of performance  The Sphynx opens up the soulful track and Rugged Made follows up with his verse. So So severe graces this joint  together with , Omulenzi Caution, Luganda Xlz,  and  ALE and Phero (both newer on the scene).

Evident am still eating rappers without etiquette

Rugged Made Spits

[…]N*ggas asking if am legend yet?[…]

Like any  posse cut; the seven rappers are about lyrical prowess and hinting on the benefit of embracing your elements (capabilities) from a metaphorical view.  Jhay Effekt worked on the work and well if we emphasize diversity and putting various skills to works then you likely would get it.

The Sphynx brings freshness to the song with  surprise  code switch phrase from the Luo dialect spitting:  ” gin anyang” to mean I understood and follows it with:  “there is a balance in my life/ Ima keep on making cake use my talent on the mic. [microphone]”

Trappin’ for the peso/ I put out my  whole soul  hoping I crunch yours/ This year [here] n*gg*  ’bout to blow!

Phero raps.

Besides The Sphynx doing code switches, Rugged comfortably does so. Omulenzi Caution spits in Luganda and Phero in Swahili and also English. As  ALE  puts it […]  when most are sleeping the  element of surprise […]

For purposes of emphasis we quoted lines from the track. This is to clarify the need for listening to it bar for bar.  The song soulfully is balanced with timed cadence from the rappers rhyming styles.

Njevudde yeragga mumasogange njendaga  / […] Zino elements obudde bwelaga

Omulenzi Caution raps

All the best Rugged Made and Stone Town with the Rugged Stone Age like what we have already had this one doesn’t disappoint! Hopefully we will have a series about the Element Remix lyrics until then Download link below:

[download id=”3633″]

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