Interview: Sliq Teq “I taught myself how to make beats” and more

Interview: Sliq Teq “I taught myself how to make beats” and more

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Sliq Teq undoubtedly is among the few young and multi talented persons in Ugandan hip hop. The beat maker, rapper and rap enthusiast has so many tracks to his name as a beat maker and producer, and has an EP as well. We got in touch with him to discuss a number of things with him and this is what he had to say.

> Hello There. How are you doing? 

I’m doing well, thank you.

> In a bit who is Sliq Teq, Is it even your baptism name?

Sliq Teq is my alter ego. It was a nickname given to me by my cousin. He said it suits me because I possess various creative abilities.

I’m inspired by the beats, the poetry and the word play.

> How long have you been involved with Hip Hop? How has it been like?

I’ve been active in Hip Hop since 2004. Though, my early years were me discovering my sound and style. I have to say the music path is never a straight one. I’ve adapted to being flexible.

> The portion “beats” you add to your name suggests it’s your area of specialization for starters. Tell me about your journey as a beat maker?

When my father would pick me from primary school, he always had this selection of music from Missy Elliot to Aaliyah and Ginuwine. The beats were by Timberland. I instantly got hooked to beats. I wanted to be a recording artist but I couldn’t think of any producer in Uganda who could make the sound I wanted for my music.  If I managed to find the producer it was very expensive for me. One day I got my hands on FL3 Then I taught myself how to make beats.

You realize i said beat maker up there, do you also do full-time production?
Currently am enhancing my knowledge of mastering music. I expect to be a full-time producer by January 2017.

> Who are you listening to right now?
I listen to various genres of music so that I increase the scope of my creativity. My playlist is always changing.

You are now working with Maddy Boots, I mean it is Undeniable you mention it on Mudaala Gwo are they your affiliates?
Yes they are. I have B.Steezy to thank for my current position in the music.

I define myself as a bold rapper. But I’m comfortable with conscious…

> If so, you are surrounded by rappers could we say it is the reason you rap as well. Which element of Hip Hop has always inspired you?
I am not only surrounded by rappers. I got RnB singers, dance hall and Reggae artists too within my circles.
I’m inspired by the beats, the poetry and the word play.

> How do you define yourself as a rapper – a conscious one because your lyrics are the type to turn heads – i would call them Brainee Flows?

Hehehe. Thanks. I define myself as a bold rapper. But I’m comfortable with conscious ‘cause my lyrics contain issues that people actually witness happening but are not talked about.

> Before I forget what is the inspiration behind Kitone EP has it dropped?

Kitone EP is my first kit. I intended on calling it KIT one but later realized the irony of joining the two words. Irony works for hip hop. Since Kitone in Luganda means talent or gifted. A friend said it suited my reputation.

Is it what I am thinking – Desire Luzinda?

The Desire Luzinda thing of course is the irony. Simply because she has a hit song titled by the same name.

You reference her hairdo on M.A.T.I

Yes, I did that as a punch line to the irony.

> I saw a cover art with Ginsu listed and Pryce – what should we expect for this track?

Expect one of the most honest and stylized vocal hip hop track in Luganda to date.

> What’s your advice for anyone who wants to be involved with production?

My advice is to love what you are getting yourself into. Because the challenges producers face can corrupt the inspiration and quality of music. Especially when money becomes the main driving force for inspiration.

> ‘Don’t Know’ is a tune by the way you have anthems on your belt! Is it the tradition in N.T.I.N.D.A?

I think NTINDA has the many creative rappers. The competition is healthy. So yes it’s a tradition by my book.

Are you a purist?
I’d like to think of myself as a purist with a sliq teqnique

> Any last words?   There’s a new wave of sound am bringing to the table; a blend of genres to redefine hip hop in Uganda.

To Listen to Sliq Teq’s Music Visit His Soundclound Beat So Sliq

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