#SomeOneTellUEA: A few interesting reactions on Twitter HipEducating UEA having left out the Hip Hop category

#SomeOneTellUEA: A few interesting reactions on Twitter HipEducating UEA having left out the Hip Hop category

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First of all respect to all those  who participated in that voluntary act of letting those behind the Uganda Entertainment Awards category list about how Hip Hop is actually a huge genre that can have even its own independent awards. The #SomeoneTellUEA hastag became popular the past four days as many concerned individuals, hip hop enthusiast, artists, bloggers and the whole hip hop community used it as; an informative message to UEA, show their rage and well TOO SHOW THEIR RAGE. It my not be clear the category was left out but word is even if they include it later it exposes how,  less informative Ugandan Awards can be. But its again a funny joke UEA!

The Hashtag climaxed on Twitter with SoSevere dedicating a show to let the conspirators at UEA or whoever plots to submerge a functioning genre. So dedicated the show to recognising artists and their songs that their fans find deserving, over the weekend on his Touch Fm Hip Hop Show.

So Severe on Twitter:

It was amazing a voice for all those who recognise hip hop in the country, and it exposed whoever was ignorant to know about actually songs and albums that were fire. One interesting one here below:

So they ignored a whole Genre!

And We thought they supported Ugandan Entertainment..!

With a rapping president okay he tried never mind,


And some of the hot singles….


Well the conversation goes on we should continue to speak out and up loud all through not giving up the work we put in as a community that values the genre. In case the media poses a threat or any one with sleeping baby smeared views  this is the way to go. Hip Hop is evolved already and there is no excuse and No Apologies for its presence. With that the last tweet below is remarkable.

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