St. Nelly-Sade Comforts with “Katonda Awambye” – Listen

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St. Nelly-Sade aka Omutukirivu is back with hope and comfort for everyone on “Katonda Awambye”.

As the world deals with Covid19, life is not normal as we used to live it. Nothing seems to be the same as we hope it to be. In Uganda as the economy has been almost locked down and so many businesses crippled and jobs lost – people need a light in this painful tunnel.

“Katonda Awambye” St. says that God has taken over and he is in control.

Nelly-Sade on the Young Jay Basalesale produced project offers comfort and reassures the masses as some wait for the “Nabanja money”. We all have different struggles: the wealthy were struggling for oxygen (for lack of in the hospitals) and while low income earners hoped for a dollar. Have faith is the view and the storyteller makes it clear.

Difficult situations call for spirituality and most people need this to deal and cope with depression and other mental disorders above all achieve spiritual renewal.

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