StillKen Music presents a Night with Keko on 2nd December

StillKen Music presents a Night with Keko on  2nd December

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Budding hip hop head, music enthusiast and promoter, Kane Matovu is making strides within Hip Hop under is yet to be tested Still Ken Music imprint.

This Saturday Still Ken Music presents an intimate night out with Keko at Liquor Shade. After so many years without seeing the singer, rapper as a headliner – this weekend she will be performing – joined by Keya Nemesis, Byg Ben Sukuya, Play01, Nantsuperemacy, Gibbon MC, Shemy B, Deed, Rapa Camio and others.

Still Ken Music will also premier the “Jinja Flow” a long teased collaborative project with Jinja natives Ebrahim Soul’O, Gibbon MC and Nantsuperemacy.

Keko is steadily reconnecting with her audience old and newer. A wave of nostalgia is ripe for her to tap into with especially her day one fans.

*featured image from Swangz Avenue

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