The Bouncing Cat Abramz Tekya bounces back with a Flaming track ‘Twakungudemu’

Abramz Tekya has been off the rapping ladder for while and guess what he has dropped Twakugudemu a track that ofcourse is legitmising a number of things that you might have not known. Did you know who spat the first ever recorded bars in Uganda?


The track honestly addresses Rhetorically the lazy supposedly rapper who wishes to be up there without doing a thing. The wack rapper and his gang are addressed in all the lines except the tribute to Philly Lutaya-who spat the first bars on a song names Nakazana and the shouts to hiphop groups then and individuals like Gipiri and Labong, Sleek Teq, Suvivor, Lady Slike , Viboyo and many more like Lyrical G, Klear Kut.

Abramz was put of the Duo SYLVESTER N ABRAMZ , besides rapping ge practices the other elements of hiphop such as B-Dancing (so he also Chreographs) and Knowledge. 

One word FLames.



Article written by Ayella

Founder Ayella is a passionate lover of Hip Hop with an expansive knowledge base that keeps growing. Lover, Poet and techie

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