The New Wave Chapter 1 – Review

The New Wave Chapter 1 – Review

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The urban music scene for the past five years has been so competitive, innovative and greatly saturated and requires calculated approaches to please, satisfy and even make a statement.

Baru and Delboy are at the taste these waters level without compromising what they believe in.

The New Wave was already established as early as Redefinitions and even though Baru hates to be
referred to as only a hip hop producer his production soul and ethos for now is so hip hop inclined.

And there is the RNB tendency that Delboy brings to the tag team/duo/Producer-Rapper team.

The New Wave Chapter 1 is certainly one of the overhyped projects so far this year that match exactly with the creative energies that went into its production. Musically speaking

The New Wave Chapter 1 ought to be an EP but given that it is off a full-length titled The New Wave, as a triple
release we let it pass.

My listen of the project was EP based not simply isolating the tracks that came in the one chapter we

Wake up go it (I’m that)
Get rich die trying (I’m that)
Sleep less, dream big (I’m that)

The New Wave is definitely a fresh approach and perspective to making music that hasn’t been
tapped into with consistency.

A quick listen of the three tracks convinces you that Baru and Delboy
are on a mission that is immediately introduced by I’m That.

I’m That is a work man shift sort of song, Delboy as he rap-sings offers a sleazy almost chipmunk
turned adult sort of feel yet stays communicative. Action feels misplaced on the release and yet
when listened to closely, Baru and Delboy are being honest about their lives as artists. The track is the true definition of; the grind pays – which is the major theme on chapter one.

When you start doubting the choice to have Action second on the track list, Blessings drops in with lines that will stick in your head for a while – it is the most melodic, polarizing and just like the rest of the songs – sing-along Delboy.

Watch my friends turn to foes
Next year I will turn 24
Only my God is my judge
Tired of missing going to church

The New Wave is the Nessim – APass of rap work ethic and production offering honest, though
experimental music at a time funs crave a unique sonic without mentioning.

The Trap-soul agenda
with a cinematic production is what you receive for 12 minutes the project runs.

Delboy doesn’t try to sound lyrical at all, he is having fun sounding dumbed down and yet he is
speaking the sharpest and most important of things with sense as Baru gives him a filmic in-motion sound: A UG Trap-soul/RnB/ that ends so early and worth our time.

The new wave is a metaphor: two artists are not simply stunting about just themselves, they are
offering a novel strategy to the music, living the life and yet still staying thankful.

…The blessings, the blessings they follow me Lord
I hop in Toyota like um
The blessings they follow me…

From track one, you know its staying focused, work and have that action (have fun) and thank lord you for whatever you have achieved – for the blessings they follow me [you], Lord!

The New Wave is simply a wakeup call to artistry in the minimalist ways possible and with vibes that
force one to add the three tracks to a playlist you would call MOOD MUSIC likely listened to while
hopping in a Toyota or boda.

Not the best songs but perfect mood sonics in the first quarter of 2018.

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