The New Wave: Chapter 2 tracklist, release date and cover art + our guess

The New Wave: Chapter 2  tracklist, release date and cover art + our guess

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The New Wave: Chapter 2 has officially been revealed. Weeks of anticipation, guess work and meme sessions followed the release of the first chapter of The New Wave. Prior to the release many wondered how many chapters it would have.

The answer to the particular question is not yet certain but what we can say and tell you firmly is that: The New Wave: Chapter 2 will be released on 18 May, 2018. The project unlike chapter 1 will have two more tracks. This project is still a collaboration between Baru and Delboy. It will still be distributed through Go Get it Inc and Dustville Records.

Our guess:

The two artist are treating the atmosphere as a war space, a game of sorts in which they are curving their own path to victory. The new cover art still shows pawns – a chess game reference.

The second chapter is likely delivered in the second person. The tracklist 1-5; You, Tonight, Tell Yo’ Friends, All I Want,and Things for You respectively show basing on the titles an address to “You”. When you listen to Chapter 1 it was more about “I got some action” or “blessings they follow me Lord”.

Since none of us at NL have listened to the second chapter, this is our guess and let’s anticipate once again.

The next episode /EP hopefully has to hit above the standard set already.

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