This Quarantine and 256 Lockdown has made me realise my neighbours Don’t listen to Hip Hop

This Quarantine and 256 Lockdown has made me realise my neighbours Don’t listen to Hip Hop

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Stay home, wash your hands, cough in your shoulder, social distance and more – Mr. President my neighbours are gladly abiding and so am I willingly. I stay in a neighborhood and the house adjacent is one with a large family, they nag and sometimes delight and that’s life – I surely show the duality of life in my selfie featured image.

For the past weeks I have realised I had not known their music taste, besides loving to play loud music from 8am – 8pm and it is pain sometimes. Being a passionate lover of Hip Hop and promoting lots of UGANDAN hip hop on here and beyond, I felt like I still haven’t done enough for you all rap ninjas when I realized they don’t bump Hip Hop.

The family has two grown up boys at least 17+ and this is the age that tends to love the Hip and Hop. To my surprise they rarely talk about hip hop and they seem less Inclined to music as I thought they would. I am not mad, but I hop I can send them latest tracks that I receive here so that they can spin them you know, who knows they would attract other neighbours.

The Lockdown has given us a chance to actually know our neighbours deeper than we did. I didn’t know the folks loved to play very loud music, but in my little mind I thought some Hip Hop would surface, I see the face you are having.

Moral: the fan base for Ugandan Hip hop dwindles as people grow old, and also there are people who don’t care whether it’s Hip Hop they want music. I realised that you have to keep tasting different audiences, like my neighbours they will have to get a taste of what I write about daily. I won’t be pushy but I will give them some UG Hip Hop to play and see how high we can get.

Meanwhile I will work on my selfie game as seen in the featured image.

Does your neighbour know the latest UG hip hop joint?

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