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Listen to the introspective “Changed” – NuveySHAWN ft. FUZY

Things come and go. Trends fade. Humans keep evolving. “Changed” is the latest single from NuveySHAWN featuring FUZY. This is his third release this year, from “The Fight” with Golddust, and a reupload and custom SHAWNESDAY EP. The track details a troubled man going through depression, alot of anger caused by the judgement society, relationships …

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Podcast: Why Artists need Music distribution and publishing

Most of the time when we talk Music distribution and publishing in Uganda, a set of mixed reactions and confusion comes up. This can be on both sides of the artists and their teams. For the less knowledgeable musicians, Music distribution and publishing sounds like a spider web that is trapping their mind. It’s not easy to even wrap your head around this initiative the first time.

Artists like A Pass, Navio, Flex D Paper, Tucker HD and others have their music on most big music streaming services – and Everytime someone streams they make some income.

But what is music distribution and publishing?

That’s what this new podcast episode will answer. From using services like Distrokid, Tunecore, Routenote and other to send your music to Tidal, iTunes, Spotify and others; collecting royalties and other services.

Listen on Anchor and other services

Because Music and More is a podcast by Ayella NuveySHAWN Robert founder

NuveyLive Podcast: Hip Hop Uganda Live cover art

Episode 18 – The AJO discussion, Transcend, MyZiki, Itunes & more hip hop

The NuveyLive Podcast
Episode 18 - The AJO discussion, Transcend, MyZiki, Itunes & more hip hop

We apologise for the long wait, the podcast just got new sponsors and hey we will be offering more, crisp and focused content through the new support. Contact us at to support this noble cause. Episode 18 is a return of AJO to our weekly Podcast. We had AJO last year for Episode 13. …