“The Fight” is the latest music video from G-2 Complex Entertainment and it features two of it’s rappers/hip hop artists Golddust and NuveySHAWN, produced by Mento X, a producer, writer and head honcho at the Kampala indie label, found in suburban Mbuya. On the track both Golddust and NuveySHAWN talk about their past experiences and how they turn negatives into positive energy.

Gold alludes to the times things were not as rosy as they seem, from the get go. On the other hand, NuveySHAWN applauds former Juice FM radio host Doris Agwang for the first radio interview he received, family, current political inconsistency and the message of hope.

When things are not working continue fighting – is one of the messages to take in as Complex they leave it on the mic.

The simple visual is an opportunity to re-introduce Golddust and NuveySHAWN, the rest of G-2 Complex, more so a hint on the G-2 Complex album.


Watch visual below: or download audio here

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