Why Your random music links Are being ignored

Why Your random music links Are being ignored

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Random, means out of nowhere, suddenly, without thought – are you sending random links to contacts, friends and potential fans, just like that out of the blue? This post is for you. Let’s dive in, let’s build your career.

I happen to be blessed with various experiences and I learnt certain things while I was doing, not by going to school to learn them. Being a professional language teacher, a communication student, rapper, producer, writer, budding film script and film maker, social media manager and more, I realised that while trying to sell a product people always want context and need thorough thinking to persuade them.

How is the song going to help me, what am I getting from this music video or film? What’s there to get? Even while in class a learner might tend to ask where the lesson is going or is from. That’s why while teaching we start with known to unknown.

Our known here is: sharing or sending music links to random people randomly, why it doesn’t work anymore.

I remember when I had just recorded my first song in 2011, I tweeted and mentioned Mr. DJ of Radiocity. He fortunately clicked and listened, gave me feedback ASAP. Three years later I tried the same trick, it didn’t work. Likely he had so many tweets to respond to or he got bored with random tweets.

I slid into his email. I sent him details about the song RHODA State and requested him to play the song. I waited three days for a response and sort of gave up. His show was that weekend and I was sort of running out of patience. Having no data between Thursday and Friday, I didn’t see his reply. He later emailed asking me if he could play the song. I didn’t see the message till the next week. He played the song anyway. A friend called telling me he heard the song on radio. I responded to Mr Dj and thanked him.

The joy on my face! Song finally got rotation, yes Lord!

I noticed, it is somewhat rude to send links and tag people online just out of nowhere even if they are your friends. You get ignored. There are so many other alternatives, so WHY YOU for music’s sake?

Starting this blog, I learnt the hard way. I used to tweet links and tag people thinking they are so passionate about hip hop but most ignored the links less I was writing about them or their friends. I have received texts from budding artists asking about music sharing. Most of them have made the same mistakes I made. We will answer those questions.

Even if you are sending links to your girlfriend you need to be mindful how you send it and that’s what we shall look into below.

  1. Provide Context. This ranges from whether this is your new song, your new album, who features on to it. Why are you even releasing the project. That’s the background information we need. If I am interested in sharing the link, at least I have what to say. Try any blogger!
  2. Explain yourself/introduce yourself. It is similar to context, but here you go an extra mile. I will confess sometimes I have skipped this and realize oh I need to. If it’s an email, explain or introduce who you are? Is it the first time you are talking to that person, second encounter? Say something like hey it’s Shawn, I recently got your number from or hey it’s Shawn, we met earlier last week.
  3. Inquire the procedure of submission. This applies if you are sending music to blogs or media people. I personally respond to emails without cover arts and broken links. I advise the rappers. If they don’t send bio because it might be the first time I have heard them. When you send a link to music leave links to social media for us to verify.
  4. Think of the additional message to support the link. This sounds like what has been said before, but here is where it will vary: doctor a post or tweet that is meaningful with value and a call to action. Something like, hey my people I have a new song you will like. I feature so and so, it’s about the time I was battling depression, here is the link ,. It can be more creative than that.
  5. Don’t blow your own trumpet. Some people get put off. You are busy tagging them and showing off. It only works if that’s your team member tagged so he can also collaborate. Keep your message simple and clear.
  6. Blow your trumpet intelligently. Wtf you would say. This is only when you are tweeting or posting without tagging anyone but your fans. Your social following sees so show off cleverly. Something like, I honestly spent two weeks making this album I think it’s worth your time. Check it out.
  7. Ask for permission before you send your links. Sometimes this is all you have to do, and the person will take time and appreciate.
  8. Be patient, don’t keep bombarding people with links to countless projects in a very short time. Why would you send me your old album when you want to promote your latest song and shortly you send a link to a project that is older than the new song. What should I promote?
  9. Follow through all the above.

It is not easy to convince people online because there are so many people equally doing things the way you are doing them. You have to be innovative. Don’t be ordinary go beyond your own comfort.

10. Be patient, thank people and repeat. 1-10 whenever you have a new project.

As a teacher, I often tell my learners practice and revisit information or guidelines to remind themselves. I give them context and the purpose. An artist is like a teacher, he teaches, sells products even if the learners (consumers) don’t want them, you find a more appropriate way to send that information. If one fails try another. If they ignore you after trying all these steps, try yet another person.

I hope this article answers some of the questions you had about why your music links are being ignored.

Let us know know if you have questions by sending them to nuveylive@gmail.co

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