George The Poet talks Relationship Goals on ‘Wake Up’

George The Poet talks Relationship Goals on ‘Wake Up’

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George The Poet is a UK based  spoken word artist,  rapper and poet  of Ugandan descent :who has done a tremendous job in raising the socio-political issues in West London. His works have  been received with great appreciation and recognition in mainly London, a city he talks about in My City. He is well know for his works  like  “Cat d” which is a rap song,  other works include “I need”, “Who do you reckon?”, “Search party” EP (2015), Spoken Word among others

George apparently has a new tune called “Wake up” produced by DEvolution.  What  makes this song worth paying attention to is  that : it is very rich in rhyme and rhythm. Like most of his songs and poems,George authentically plays with words in this song to bring out a very captivating rhythm that one wouldn’t dare  ignore.

The message in this  song is also  poignantly articulated in a slow and sophisticated way with an appealing tone. George  on  “Wake up” is talking to a lady, who he is assuring  of what he likes and dislikes and the reason why the relationship isn’t working. He clearly states his true self to the supposed lover.

“Baby you should know
When you speak to a guy.
And he takes like a week to reply
I am not gonna lie
I am that guy”
Here is a few possible reasons why
Option one you are a little bit boring
Another he doesn’t feel like exploring
To see me when I am touring shut me down
Don’t bring me a mouthy friend…”

Wake Up is an amazing tale from George which sets him away from the usual political ideas or rather takes the politicking to a more relationship centered view with a would be companion.


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