Watch “Labisa” video by Bobi Wine , Nubian li , Feffe Bussi , Zex Bilangilangi and Sizza Man 

Watch “Labisa” video by Bobi Wine , Nubian li , Feffe Bussi , Zex Bilangilangi and  Sizza Man 

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When did you last hear from Sizza Man? Sir Dan Magic and Paddy teamed up to produce “Labisa” which means expose in Luganda.

Bobi Wine who is seemingly back to recording music and using it as a means for activism as usual is joined by long time friend Nubian Li, Feffe Bussi, Zex Bilangilangi and Sizza Man.

“Labisa – Exposing Hypocrisy, Fake Friends, Bad Minds, and Sellouts” is a hard-hitting track that calls out the toxic influences that can be found in our society.

This star studded song touches issues like betrayal, selling out, dishonesty, crime, corruption and envy among others. The five artists urge masses to expose any form of action in society that is not beneficial for society to be transformed. Bobi comments on ‘5 years dead music’ industry, explores politicians or are voted and switch sides. Fefe talks fake friends, opportunists. Zex adds his voice as he explores having haters. Nubian Li offers a sharp hook as a backdrop for the song.

Sizza Man talks about learning to rap like Felister Da Superstar in away showing us as he is abroad he keeps tabs on what is happening at home, which the visual brings out neatly as he is on a video call.

“Labisa” is a ragga dancehall – rap fused song. Edrine Paul directed the video.

Watch below:

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