No one loves Jokers. This new project says all that. No one has time to joke around, yes? If there is anything the previous year (2020) has taught so many of us is that, you ought to be serious about your business – that said “Osaaga” (you are joking) on of those songs aimed at jokers.

Play01 teamed up with Santana for “Osaaga” a fun and assuring song off Play01’s forthcoming album A.u.r.a that has been long teased. “Osaaga” is the lastest single. The visual is impressive and full of life giving off “the we are not joking around vibe” as entailed in the songs title. Play01 and Santana trade bars off each other in the Ivy League shot visual.

If you enjoyed “Holiday” then here is another taste of A.u.ra.

Watch below:

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