When You Write Good Lyrics and Terrible Emails: See What you miss Out!

When You  Write Good Lyrics and Terrible Emails: See What you miss Out!

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Written By Ayella R.N.

Art has long gone from just being some fan sort of activity for your folks – two or five of your friends. Here Art will refer to Hip Hop, Poetry and Spoken word. Music itself is art. And Email is  still live, a certain art of communication or NOT?

Many artists astonishingly write very interesting:  lyrics, hard bars, dope lines whatever we can call it.  As long as we acknowledge it is good. You can imagine, they write better songs and yet have terrible formal communicative skills. On the flip side some are not as good artists / lyricists but have a certain unique packaging with the mail and communication in general.

We receive emails from young artists who wish to have their music featured, reviewed or given promo and we are so welcome to this. However most of their emails surprise us so much. You would think that they don’t write their own lyrics, when you barley can read their message.

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You might Ignore some issues – but then what can you ignore? Spelling mistakes? Grammar?  Having good lyrics and writing bad emails affects your brand Bro! and Sis’!  Lets say you’re looking for corporate support and you send them (Corporate People) really disheartening emails. You might never get a reply for it or any attention.

Given our lenient approach;  we have advised a few bad email writers with those dope lyrics, to be patient people and proof read their work. a good email affects how your music might be handled. In time! Its clear so it encourages the reader who likely receives about 40 bad emails a day.

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Consider Treating music as a business, it  will save you a lot. Lets move even far away from just writing emails and look at social media. Lets say you have a communication and you write so casually… It’s okay to be  casual;  but,  it is not to have unreadable or troublesome communications. Back to the email that is bad with many spelling mistakes (focus on many) and you won’t assume that a person may assume as well what you meant by the message.

Advice as you improve your lyric writing its important to consider learning to write good messages not just for emails.

Presentation of your brand and self can be assessed in the way you present your self. I mean its like what kids are taught in High school – letter writing!

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