Amplify EP – Ill Gee, first impression listen -Review

Amplify EP – Ill Gee, first impression listen -Review

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For a young rapper who is apparently skilled in various ways and not afraid to try- Amplify is a better and mature project from Ill Gee.

Amplify is a self produced EP from Ill Gee. The budding rapper celebrates his birthday today (18 May) and ideally he must have noticed his growth too.

The EP opens up with a somewhat disappointing Intro. It is too dull and seemingly in French or Spanish. The low-key and not so definitive of Ill Gee voice of a lady speaking opens up Amplify. Besides not knowing what the lady says, the word million stands out though – an implication of paper chasing.

The track that proceeds is titled Tom Ford which would convince you that, that is the best Ill Gee delivery but it isn’t but for production’s sake he delivers. The track sends one to head mobbing (insert dab) and any move rhythmicaly.

Ill Gee names a track after him, Ill Gee which certainly reveals the intention to make the EP about him. This is Ill Gee! What he has been cooking and learning. He is no stranger to the trap vibe. The dreamy reverb is somewhat a in excess but verses have the best cadence on the project as he tells us of an unnamed person he told he is on the grind trying to make it.

The feature Never Back Down with Adrian Rocca and Guapo gives us a comparative feel of Ill Gee and friends. Shortly Low drops in which is really an Interlude with the lean voiced Ill Gee singing I have been on low do this for Mama’s who I do it for. We certainly dream and live in the world the young is in.

Ideally Wxlk pronounced as Walk reminds us of the hippy Gee on the Bar Code EP but much more redefined. Wxlk has a dark production theme with a repetitive game clip suggesting ‘new level’ if you played classic old games. It encompasses most of the themes of Amplify. The rapper is walking his talk, proceeding to the next level.

Final track for Amplify is ideally not an Ill Gee produced beat but not say he didn’t Executive produce and master the project. He features Kayce House on This Life. It is not the acute trap vibe as the rappers offer an insight in thier lives and what matters, thus it depends what you do it for. Since this is his project he out-raps Kayce and himself more than earlier on Ill Gee. He is more vocal here.

Outstandingly Wxlk makes Amplify worth listening this is not to say Low, Ill Gee, This Life and Never Back Down fall short. They are all better tracks infact offer the message as intended, listen to Ill Gee and Amplify! Turn up the volume! There are many witty lines on the project that you will catch.


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