“Bangi” the Navio, Flex D’Paper and Daddy Andre song is irresistible

“Bangi” the Navio, Flex D’Paper and Daddy Andre song is irresistible

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“Sanze bangi, nobody nobody better than you…” You will hear Navio, Flex D’Paper and Daddy Andre sing the hook to “Bangi” a potential hit single off “Strength In Numbers”. It’s true there is strength in Numbers, and when you attract the right numbers around you.

On the initial release of SIN, many reasonated with different tracks, like “By Gones”, “30 Seconds to Hollywood” and some of the fans commented about the exceptional performance of Flex D’Paper. He brought a vibe we haven’t heard from him.

“Bangi” is arguably all rnb, dancehall ragga meets Hip Hop in afro beats, produced by Mio Made. It is infectious. The collaborative hook between the three just creates a sync. For hard core rap fans, this song will have about 45% of what they expect. It is a crossover song for Navio, and Flex D’Paper. Daddy Andre enjoys the feature. It’s not his first hip hop feature.

The video recently was released, so we see the artists send love to the dream girl, that “Nobody better than you” lady amongst the so many. It’s is a beautiful video, simple and straight forward showcasing Lake Victoria. This could even be a soundtrack to tourist ads to be made after the COVID19 situation.

“Bangi” is likely our new midyear anthem for our loved ones, bae’s and whoever we want to sing praise for.

Watch video below:

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