Big Sam says F**K Sylvester, upholds Abramz and Babaluku for their role in uplifting UG Hip Hop

Big Sam at 15th Hip Hop Summit

Last evening: Big Sam Yiga dissed Sylvester of the Legendary rap duo, Sylvester and Abramz. In a calculated address at the 15th Hip Hop Summit he said; “F**k Sylvester… and there is no place for wack emcees.” In away he was implicating the Ziva Muntuyo rapper as a wack rapper.

What is baffling is that;  he spoke of Abramz,  giving him (Big Sam) due respect which according to his statement Sylvester doesn’t show/offer.

It was surprising to have a rapper raise bad blood with another at an event that boasts of promoting Unity. Our guess is that it is beyond the music. In the past weeks there has been exchanges online between the two.
Big Sam in recognizing builders like Babaluku and Abramz feigned and unapologetically said he can’t respect Sylvester at any one time.
Here is Big Sam’s statement:

We are yet to get a comment from Sylvester.

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