C’wrote has come out attacking the newly signed Fez Entertainment artiste Judas Rapknowledge in a new song “Tale of a fool”. The budding rapper had a number of issues to address in this almost personal diss. He comes out to nullify all Judas’ allegations that were made on the Kao Denaro diss track weeks ago.

C’wrote who is almost unknown is garnering attention for attacking Judas saying The Akbar has been in the game ten years but still achieved nothing and lives in the shadows of late rapper Lumix Da Don. He goes ahead to say Judas is “fake” and actions are some of the reasons why he was outed from Valley Curve.

This new release from C’wrote narrates allegedly that everything Judas has been saying is a lie. The rapper defends Kao Denaro and makes it known to the people of Sierra Leone that Rapknowledge isn’t the Akbar.

You should know that Judas Rapknowledge dissed Sierra Leone rapper.

Is the kid clout chasing or not ?

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