Premiere: Brian Wade is back in soul-ful style with Dream

Premiere: Brian Wade is back in soul-ful style with Dream

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Brian Wade is back in soul-ful style with Dream. It is not like he ever left!  About two months ago he released his mixtape; Synesthetic and followed through with a freestyle. He has managed to drop back to back music this year with another of the projects having implication messages in them like Obulamu bwo bukume, Unthinkable and others.

Dream doesn’t fall short of what Brian  has been doing as a hip hop artist who is very vocal and open about his Christian faith. He touches on topics like crime, promiscuity, hypocrisy, selling out and more. These lines from the first verse puts the message in motion:

 You can’t buy love here , it’s all about connections, intimate affections .,

you can make it any way if you go the high way ,selling drugs ,

thug-in or you do some sorcery (some sorcery),

but that’s not the right path ,its self-destructions ,

it’s killing your dreams inside your real dream,

We convinced to believe this single is off his forthcoming album whose title is likely Roots basing on the track’s ID3 tags.

Listen / Download Below: 

[ [download id=”4286″] ]

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