Album Alert: STRAP’s Drinks and Conversation officially out

Album Alert: STRAP’s Drinks and Conversation officially out

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“Anything can happen now” – S.T.R.A.P 

Drinks and Conversation has finally arrived people and trust it promises polarity at its best. The long-awaited project is now out this Friday 18 , November 2016. S.T.R.A.P on his journey to deliver more music seems not to take a break at all. It’s about a year and a few weeks since he released his second album Futuristic Past – which was well accepted.

D & C Tracklist

Now are you ready for this?  Definitely you should be! The album is centered around a bar theme of having drinks and conversations. At the bar it’s about people of all walks of life who engage in various talk, comment, critic , critique and comment on various issues. Like a more familiar style of having to tell stories D & C promises that and more to be discovered by a close listen.

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Drinks and Conversation has  hands on production from Jonney E, Jay Jay, Ayodlo, Chillaui, Gambimusic, Afost and the usual Byg Kidd. Mixed and Mastered by  Jacob W Muller and excutive produced by  Akutec, Evaemon and Ayodlo.  This is a production diversity for this album. As anticipated for some, Listen doesn’t make it to the final track list. D & C is a 15 minutes project and spans through 56 minutes and  57 seconds.

Enough talk Stream the Album Below:


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