Feffe Bussi uses his mic power on GULU (Emboozi Ye Gulu)

Feffe Bussi uses his mic power on GULU (Emboozi Ye Gulu)

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GULU: Feffe Bussi narrates what transpired in Gulu a week ago when the United Music Superstars Association members, UMA and others met with Gen. Saleh of the Operation Wealth Creation. It is rumored the Saleh gave these artistes some money and other conspiracies kept coming out.

A sect of artistes seem to benefit from the meetings with Saleh. Others are in complaint mode and the media also partly reports the real story. To set the record straight, Feffe Bussi came out to recount and tell his version of what transpired in Gulu.

On “Gulu” he tells the story from how he linked up with Pallaso, Weasel from Kampala, up to Gulu where they met Gen. Saleh. On record, he says some artistes where already there. The talk moves from what artistes need and want. Others didn’t agree with what he had to say.

On Story telling:

The new song, “Gulu” has been received so well from fellow artistes and fans; especially core hip hop fans who have been missing Feffe Bussi penning like he did. Feffe is a capable storyteller. Feffe Bussi is indeed GNL Zamba’s hip hop child. Since hip hop makes it easy to express what you feel; the rapper has used his mic power to express his views. Feffe tells the tale with humour and promises a part two.

Listen to “Gulu” here:

By publication time, I landed on a remix to “Gulu” by Fresh Kid in response. Listen below:

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