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As a norm every year we celebrate femcees in the country. So new budding female rappers are shone on ,established ones get spot lighted depending on the headlining activities they have done.  Now the first Femcee Month entry  this year features Shirley May.

Hip Hop having the most numbers of aspirators and participants happens to have the lowest numbers of females participating and embracing it as compared to other genres. Shirley May adds up to this list. The song Grinding on entails the idea of perseverance while you keep hustling. With the concept of the video she seems to know exactly how to compliment it. The scene is of a construction site which has her and Fenrico Lugga working on site hustling.  All clad in safety ware they make the message more lively.

The video is shot by C Media Filmz  directed by Dough 256.

More About Shirley is underway.

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