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Here is “Dedede” – Shirley May ft. José

Shirley May last week teased “Dedede” with the cover art and a still from the visual. Little about the track was revealed. This morning we woke up to a love song, about this one adored bae.

Nase Avatar handles production for this Afro-edm-pop inspired chops. José offers a soothing hook while Shirley proves her mastery of multi-lingual flow. She codeswitches from Kumam, English, luganda and does this back and forth with ease, a promising feat.

This is likely her first official known love song detailing this touchy subject. We asked her if there’s a special someone behind this track: we are yet to get a comment.

Get Dedede and tell us what you think.

Dedede – Shirley May

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NuveyLive Podcast: Hip Hop Uganda Live cover art

Episode 19: Shirley May – “I had a TV interview with only an audio”

The NuveyLive Podcast
Episode 19: Shirley May - "I had a TV interview with only an audio"

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