2017 UG Hip Hop Awards Winners full list

2017 UG Hip Hop Awards Winners full list

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The second run of the UG Hip Hop Awards happened last Thursday 14 of December at Golf Course Hotel. The competition was stiff and in most categories the results seemed more dramatic, unexpected and quite shocking.  Another brick was added on the UG Hip Hop house.

Below is a full list of winners and the nominees within those categories. The winners in each category have been typed in bold.

The life time Achievement award went to PTech (R.I.P) and his family received the award. This is the only category the organisers don’t open to the general public for nomination or voting.

Male Artist/Rapper of the Year

  •  Pryce Teeba
  • Mun*G
  • Fefe Busi
  • Byg Ben
  • Gravity

Female Artist/Rapper of the Year

  •  Fasie
  • MC Yallah
  • Shirley May
  • Ninja C
  • Malika

Rookie Of the year

  • Fik Fameica
  • Lagum
  • J-Wats
  • K.S.L
  • JK Lubanto

Mixtape of the Year

  •  Not for Sale – Flex D’Paper
  • Xtension – Lagum
  • Blind Faith Mixtape – O.P.U KobokoBoy
  • Bunyoro Ha Map – Crazie Wispa
  • Rap Holds a Fascination – Stylus

Central Rapper of the Year

  • Keya Nemesis
  • Fik Fameica
  • Da Agent
  • Fefe Bussi
  • St. Nellysade

Northern Rapper of the Year

  • O.P.U KobokoBoy
  • Gbaraspoken
  • MC Wang JOK
  • Ken Lee
  • Toobi Smolz

Eastern Rapper of the year

  • Pyramid MC
  • 1Rail
  • Buka Chimey
  • Benjamin Prince
  • Leumas Owabajaja

Western Rapper of the Year

  • Amani Amaniga
  • T-Bro
  • Crazie Wispa
  • Slenda MC
  • Trigga Trigga

Rap Fusion of the Year

  •  Big Bumpa – Kemishan & Mun*G
  • Can’t Put Me Down – Nellysade & Nutty Neithan
  • Tumunonye – Navio
  • Kapanka – Bantu Clan
  • Some Day – Phila & Radney

Deejay of the Year

  • Dj Crim
  • Tha Dropout
  • DJ Slugface
  • DJ Slaughter Elly
  • DJ Cacie

 Producer of the year

  • Baru
  • Nase Avatar
  • Aethan
  • Josh SB
  • Simon Elly

Diaspora Rapper of the year

  •  J Baller
  • L.I
  • Double S
  • S.T.R.A.P
  • Papastone

Album of the year

  • African Childhood Story – K.S.L
  • Last Breed – Mickey Solo
  • Something From Nothing – 92XL (Suspekt, Mal-X, Simon Elly)
  • Tutambula Na Bitambula – Big Sam
Courtesy Photo: @ClubPilsener/ 92EXL recieving Best Album Award

Song of the year

  •  Bust a Shot – The Mith ft. Nutty Neithan
  • Mpambana – MC Yallah
  • Bobi Wine – Pryce Teeba
  • Zagwa – Amani Amaniga
  • Buli Kiro – Play01 ft. J-Wats

Collaboration of the year

  •  Vuqa Cypher – Keko, BigTril, Mith, Nellysade, Peter Miles, Nutty Neithan, CODE, Ruyonga
  • On the Wings – Mal-X, Suspekt & Agee
  • Uhangosasa – Byg Ben ft. Keko
  • Mudaala – Aethan ft. Tucker, Keko & JB
  • Nvuga Kampala (rmx) – Delboy, Flex D’Paper, Play01, Mickey Solo, Habo, Pryce Teeba

Video of the year

Lyricist of the year

  • Brooks – I Pray
  • St. Nellysade – 2016 Rap Up
  • Suspekt – Finally Found
  • Stylus – New Level New Devils
  • Keya Nemesis -Bad

Inspirational Song of the year

  • Power – Mal-X
  • I Pray – Brooks Aftermath
  • Kyendiba – NTM
  • Buwanguzi – Fenrico Lugga
  • My Jesus – Derrick Tha Priest
Courtesy Photo: Club Pilsener/ Code (Center) Winner of the Sweet 16 Award

Sweet 16 (Verse of the year)

Media Personality of the Year

  • Mr. Skillz (Xfm)
  • The Only Jaluo (Sanyu FM)
  • Toni Blayze (Magic FM)
  • Forever MC (Magic One TV)
  • Byg Kahuna (Hot 100FM

That’s it until next year, #UGHipHop


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