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JB Drops his Panda refix (freestyle)

The KUT representative JB / J Baller known for jumping on hot industry beats does it again on the  American rapper  Desiigner’s Panda. Just like NTM, JB went a head to do his refix which we should call So What! He does express some sentiments that  we can relate with from his previous freetyle- All …
HIP HOP NuveyLive Presents Podcast

NuveyLive Presents Episode 1 -What do You think of Ugandan Hip Hop?

Well on this Episode, I featured Voice notes from Ajo a (Ugandan Rapper), Raz Annonymous(rapper), Josephine(hip-hop enthusiast) and went a head to discuss Ugandan Hip Hop’s position. Its 2015 and we now Have Navio, GNL, Abramz, Lyrical GmC as one Faction on one Side and there is on the other Faction: TuckerHd, TimothyCode, Jayarc, Patrobas, BlizLog, Ajo. Not …