Brand New : Mudaala-Aethan ft Tucker, Keko & JB

Brand New : Mudaala-Aethan ft Tucker, Keko & JB

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Aethan as usual is back at it, The Aethway with Mudaala featuring Tucker, Keko and JB. The collaboration is really a unique line up on a smooth and soothing beat. Aethan continues to showcase his production skills on this track and of course the new approach Tucker  has in stock.

Surprisingly or not Tucker does the hook and Keko does her best to support and back him up. This appeal Tucker first fully exploited on TGIF remix and we definitely see growth and exploration from Tucker. Mudaala has all possibilities of being the anthem one can sing and rap to so as to assure nay sayers – they should mind their own businesses. Its coupled with positive energy from Tucker, Keko and JB who deliver bars in that order.

JB has the most fan on this one for he spits mockingly one could mistake what his intentions are  just like the rest do, they speak about representing their particular homies  and getting what they work for because they deserve it.  Infectious hook and empowering articulation of  themselves.


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