Atlas brings out the Dramatic and Pimp status in ‘Rather Be With You’ Visual

Atlas brings out the Dramatic and Pimp status in ‘Rather Be With You’ Visual

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The self-proclaimed African Trap Star has released his dramatic Rather Be with You and certifies his fascination with being pimp and a trap lord and boss status.

To some he is living his dream and delineating from most of the hip hop community and to others he shades and reflects his influences and proll’y his surrounding. Atlas is pushing forward his African Trap Star mentality with Rather Be With You.

Her man was hitting Her/ Me, am uplifting her… Atlas raps

Rather Be With You features Atlas and other unnamed acts in a fairly scripted or progressive video. Atlas is the mafioso type and raps about being  a pimp and actually the two ladies act suggestively that they are under him.The women would rather be with him than their man.  The long time friend and associate Gasuza, directed the video.

The video supports the idea of the song, that a woman would rather be with a man who treats them good than mistreat them, beat them like they are worthless. A closer look to the video we see Atlas painted as a savior and preferable man and a pimp to pay the bills:

Besides the somewhat unconventional (for luck of a better word) video appeal the audio is a bossy one with vividness put in the lyrics as he describes his lifestyle and what the women would rather comply with. On a funk influenced beat, Atlas creates a cinematic track with his rap and easy dropping bass and guitar impressions.

According his YouTube the track is off No Retirement 4 A Hustler Vol.2 with his African Trap Star Entertainment we expect more.


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