Brian Wade to Drop SYNESTHETIC mixtape on 26 June + Tracklist & Artwork

Brian Wade to Drop SYNESTHETIC mixtape on 26 June + Tracklist & Artwork

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Brian Wade definitely has the ambition to populate his message to the masses with SYNESTHETIC!  Word reached us he is dropping the mixtape; SNESTHETIC on 26 June – it is now clear why he was dropping lots and loads of music. He has been gladly experimenting.

According to him the new project revolves around him exploring different avenues, styles and vibes. Last week he dropped a track on Kendrick Lamar’s Humble  and worked around trap, boom bap beats as well.  His EP will be a 16 track project that he managed to record and put in order by him.

Synesthetic Track list

Hear is what he had to say:

 “This mix tape is not talking about me alone, am talking about other people and talking to other people too; it’s backed by faith, positivity and a little bit of education. Generally it’s an experimental project which will predict how my other projects will be and it’s kind of different from what I was doing before.  It’s just synesthetic.

I was supposed to release an album, but I pushed it back to make it greater, I want to do some remarkable changes to it for it to sound greater. The album is still in [the] process and it will drop at the right time. For that matter I decided to drop a mix tape officially for anyone ready to enjoy;

— Brian Wade

Synesthetic is stylized from the  scientific word synethesia ; which, simply means involvement of different senses all together or having them joined – working as a unit.


Tracks like Game Over, Toduka, Hip Hop Police,  Rock With You make up part of the track list. Until then check out Brian Wade Music.


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